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The Standard
for Leveraged Lending

Unlock the full potential of Sei: Earn yield on your idle assets or get up to 10x leverage on your collateral, powered by smart lending accounts

Near-Zero Gas Fees

Discover the lowest transaction fees in DeFi, with unparalleled liquidity on your favourite Sei dapps.

Provably fair and Transparent

Fence off front-running by securing your trades. LP and Liquidation are fully permission-less.

Trade with Conviction

Take concentrated bets, manage multiple positions and strategies using the same collateral. Up to 10x.

Smart Lending

Whether you are a degen, staker or institutional investor, you can open your leveraged smart account, deposit collateral and start leverage farming in no time: Do everything you already do and love, just smarter!

Modular Leverage

Whether you are a margin trader or a leverage farmer, your smart account is your gateway to capital efficiency on the fastest chain on the market. Unlock more utility on liquid staking, lending markets, DEXs and derivatives protocols.



  • Deploy LP - Earn

  • UI Launch

  • Integration with partners and activations

  • Early adopters


Q2 2024
  • Credit Layer live with smart accounts

  • First leverage provider

  • Open-source SDK for integrations

  • Liquidation mechanism

Leverage Layer

Q3 2024
  • Ecosystem integrations 

  • Automated strategies

  • Governance mechanism

  • Liquidity program

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